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Website of the Dutch society of theoretical biology (NVTB)
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Schoorl 2020, save the date!

Annual NVTB meeting 2020 (May 7 & 8, 2020)

We are happy to officially anounce the date of the annual NVTB retreat: May 7 & 8 (2020) in Schoorl. Ofcourse we hope to see all of you there for a pleasant and informal meeting. Updates regarding the programme & registration will follow, just keep an eye on this page.

Picture by Levien van Zon

Programme and other info Schoorl 2019

NVTB meeting 2019 (May 23-24, 2019)

The final programme and more information is now available in the booklet. In short, registration will start on the 23rd at 10.15, and we'll start the meeting at 10.45. Presenters will be able to present on their own laptop, or on one of the laptops present (usually we have at least 1 Macbook and 1 Windows machine), and a laser pointer will be provided by us. If you requested a 4-bedded room, you need to either bring a sleeping-bag+pillow case OR rent sheets at Dopersduin. (€8,50). If you have not yet received by the end of Friday (May 24), please contact us.

Picture by Levien van Zon

Schoorl 2019!

Annual NVTB meeting 2019 (May 23 & 24, 2019)

We are once again happy to invite all of our members to the annual NVTB-retreat on May 23 & 24 (2019) in Schoorl. As always, our meeting aims to have a pleasant, informal, and yet informative meeting where scientists and students ...

The Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology (NVTB) is a biological society focussing on theoretical, mathematical, computational, and philosophical biology. The society comprises 200 members from several universities, institutes and other organisations. The main aim of the society is to stimulate and represent theoretical biology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands.