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Registration for NVTB Schoorl meeting 2023

Annual NVTB meeting 2023 (June 19 & 20, 2022)

We are pleased to invite all of you to our annual NVTB meeting: Schoorl 2023, which will take place in person at Dopersduin (Oorsprongweg 3) in Schoorl on the 19th and 20th of June. Be sure to sign-up as soon as possible as availability is limited! Registration will close on the 1st of June. We invite everyone to submit an abstract for a presentation. We would like to especially encourage master students, PhDs and postdocs to submit such an abstract, as they are also eligible for the best presentation award (€100 prize). Please be sure to spread the word about the Schoorl 2023 meeting to any colleagues that may be interested (for example by using this poster).

The keynote presentations will be provided by Bram van Dijk: "Can detrimental endosymbionts persist without horizontal transmission" and Lia Hemerik: "Matrix population models and their applications".

You can register for Schoorl 2023 using this form

The meeting will start on the 19th of June around 10:30 and will end on the 20th of June around 17:00. For prices and accomodation options see the registration form.

This year we will again award the NVTB prize for the best theoretical biology paper of the year. The award will consist of a €100 prize, accompanied by an invited talk at Schoorl. The deadline for submission is the 26th of April 2023, for more details see the registration form.

You can register for the theoretical biology paper of the year award through this form this form

Kind regards,

Kirsten ten Tusscher, Timo van Eldijk & Magdalena Kozielska-Reid

Board of the NVTB

Picture by Levien van Zon

NVTB Schoorl meeting 2022: A brief report

A brief report regarding the Annual NVTB Schoorl meeting 2022 (June 7 & 8, 2022)

We are pleased to have met so many of you at the NVTB meeting: Schoorl 2022 anniversary edition. All in all it was a very fun meeting with a total of 48 participants and lots of very interesting theoretical biology! We even managed to get lost in the dunes! Many thanks to all of those who provided a talk (See programme).

Official minutes from the general assembly can be found on this link. In addition we can already announce that the Schoorl meeting next year will take place on June 19 and 20, 2023. So you can already save the date!

Group foto
A group photo of all those in attendance.

Foto of honorary members
A particulair highlight was the induction of three honorary members: Odo Dieckmann, Paulien Hogeweg & Bas Kooijman (Hans Metz was also selected as an Honorary member but will be officially inducted during Schoorl 2023)

Also a big thanks to Dopersduin for provding us with an excellent place to stay. We would also like to thank the NWO for providing financial support, which helped us fund this meeting.

Kind regards,

Kirsten ten Tusscher, Timo van Eldijk & Magdalena Kozielska-Reid

Board of the NVTB

The Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology (NVTB) is a biological society focussing on theoretical, mathematical, computational, and philosophical biology. The society comprises 200 members from several universities, institutes and other organisations. The main aim of the society is to stimulate and represent theoretical biology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands.