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Registration for NVTB Schoorlmeeting 2022 anniversary edition!

Annual NVTB meeting 2022 (June 7 & 8, 2022)

We are pleased to invite all of you to our annual NVTB meeting: Schoorl 2022 anniversary edition, which will take place in person at Dopersduin (Oorsprongweg 3) in Schoorl on the 7th and 8th of June. Be sure to sign-up as soon as possible as availability is limited! Registration will close on the 17th of May. We invite everyone to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation. We would like to especially encourage master students, PhDs and postdocs to submit such an abstract, as they are also eligible for the best presentation award (€100 prize). Please be sure to spread the word about Schoorl 2022 to any colleagues that may be interested (for example by using this poster).

The keynote presentations will be provided by Franjo Weissing: "Evolution of parental sex roles - Individual-based simulations versus analytical predictions" and Like Fokkens: "Genome organization in F. oxysporum: mix and match of accessory chromosomes".

You can register for Schoorl 2022 using this form

The meeting will start on the 7th of June around 10:30 and will end on the 8th of June around 17:00. It will take place at dopersduin All meals (this does not include dinner on the 8th of June) and an overnight stay at Dopersduin are included in the conference fee. All meals will be vegetarian. Regarding accomodation there are two options: a shared room (shared with 4 people, room division will be made upon arrival, €70 for members, €85 for non-members) or a single room (Single room (€145 for members, €160 for non-members). There is a €10 discount for BSc and MSc students. For more information see the registration form.

This year’s meeting will be a special anniversary edition to celebrate our 50th anniversary as a society (which took place in 2020). Hence we are pleased to announce a special NVTB prize for the best theoretical biology paper of the year. The prize will consist of a €100 prize, accompanied by an invited talk at Schoorl. The deadline for submission is the 17th of May 2022, for more details see the registration form.

You can register for the theoretical biology paper of the year award through this form this form

Kind regards,

Kirsten ten Tusscher, Timo van Eldijk & Magdalena Kozielska-Reid

Board of the NVTB

The Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology (NVTB) is a biological society focussing on theoretical, mathematical, computational, and philosophical biology. The society comprises 200 members from several universities, institutes and other organisations. The main aim of the society is to stimulate and represent theoretical biology in its broadest sense in the Netherlands.