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Register for Schoorl 2018

Dopersduin, Schoorl, April 5 & 6, 2018

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Registration is officially closed, but if you try and register we can probably still squeeze you in. Please note that your preferred rooms might no longer be available.

Personal information

First name:
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Overnight accommodation

I do not want to use any overnight facilities
I would like to stay in a four bedded room.
Bed linnen is not included in this price, but you can bring your own sleeping bag / pillow case
Students*: € 35 (NVTB-members); € 50 (non-members).
I would like to stay in a double room.
I would like to stay in a single room.
*Bachelor and master students.

You will receive an invoice for the meeting 7 days before the meeting. We kindly ask you to pay this by bank transfer 48 hours days before the meeting (April 3rd), so we can check your payment at registration. Non-members can then choose to become a member, paying the membership fee for 2018 (€ 12) plus the reduced meeting fee, or not become a member and pay the full meeting fee. The price for both options is very similar, but if you become a member you will be notified about NVTB activities in the future.

Booklet with program / abstract:
NVTB membership:


A projector, pointer, and a laptop with PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader will be provided. If you require other facilities (e.g., MacOSx with Keynote, Ubuntu with Libre Impress etc.), please mention this in the remarks section below.
Please limit your abstract to 300 words or less.


Here you can enter any additional remarks.

Before pressing the "Send" button, please check the following:

  1. Did you enter all fields correctly?
  2. If you submitted an abstract, does it consist of plain text with simple LaTex commands only?

Please check if you got your confirmation mail within 24h. If you do not receive this e-mail, please notify Bram van Dijk.

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